Webdesign for FIRSTCRACK Coffee Roasters Berlin

FIRSTCRACK Coffee Roasters are a small but very ambitious coffee roasting company in the middle of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Coffee is still roasted by hand here – only selected coffees from the best growing areas in the world are processed. You can even watch it at Raumerstraße 40! The FIRSTCRACK Roasters were just as demanding as the selection of their coffee when it came to the web design for their new website: it should be minimalistic, reduced to the essentials and high quality. In addition, an easy-to-manage online shop should be integrated, through which customers can conveniently and easily order coffee. The new website firstcrack-roasters.com went online in 2018.
Client: FIRSTCRACK Coffee Roasters by Pakolat Berlin
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Website: firstcrack-roasters.com
Project scope: Webdesign, WordPress
Projektzeitraum: seit 2018

Webdesign Berlin - Firstcrack Coffee Roasters

Webdesign Berlin: Firstcrack Coffee Roasters