Website design for Weiand Hospitality Consulting

The senior hospitality manager Thomas Weiand founded the management consultancy Weiand Hospitality Consulting with the idea of making comprehensive management knowledge accessible to small and medium-sized companies from the service industry. Uncomplicated and understandable, supported by an international network of experts. The advice focuses on the areas of customer focus, service excellence, business and best practice research, people management and risk management. Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design accompanies Weiand Hospitality Consulting in various projects at the very beginning of 2019. The company’s offer should go online in early 2020. For this purpose, an easy-to-use, clear website was designed, which was implemented in WordPress in several languages and enables the customer to edit content independently.
Client: Weiand Hospitality Consulting
Location: Berlin, Deutschland
Project Scope: Webdesign, WordPress
Project time: since 2019

Webdesign Berlin Hospitality Consulting

Webdesign Berlin Hospitality Beratung