Custom design instead of standard off the shelf.

At Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design there is no design off the shelf: no ready-made themes, no 99 dollar logos and no fixed standard solutions. What I offer is individual design – custom tailored for you and your business, aligned to your goals and your target group. With all the features you want – but without the ones you don’t. This approach results in unique products, tailor-made and easy to use.

Why the high cost of custom design is actually saving you money.

When you commission a web design, the design for a new logo, a brochure, an infographic or a new icon set from Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design Berlin, everything starts with an in-depth personal consultation: You tell me what you want, and I listen. Of course, we also talk about your design budget and the possibilities it gives you. On the basis of this design briefing, you will receive an offer matched to your needs.

In the next step, I create a concept that suits you – and create the designs for your design project. Careful analysis, a look at your competition and creativity in design naturally all require time. And thus they cause costs. Therefore, you will probably not find the cheapest offer here. Instead, you will find results that are truly unique – as unique as you and your business. In a market brimming with  competition this is an important asset that can provide you with significant advantages.

Whether you choose a custom or a ready-made design: either one will be an investment. If you consider the inevitability of this, you should ask yourself whether it would not be much smarter to invest wisely. After all, what good is a logo or a branding that does not make you stand out against your competition? What good is a web site that looks just like any other? Think about your business from your clients’ perspective. If your business looks just like the next five shops down the street: what’s there that will make potential customers choose you? That’s a good question, right?

The answer to this is pretty much like biting a lemon. It’s sour at first, but good for you in the end. The fact is that if you do not stand out you blend in with the masses, offering your potential customers no incentive at all. And since every customer you lose represents a loss of revenue, the cost that you have initially saved on design can now turn out to be very expensive. However, if your communication and your outer image attract new clients, the revenue they provide will more than just pay for the investment you have made. It’s as simple as that.