Engaged in social and ecological projects

To take and to give is a principle that’s right at the core of how Sebastian Klammer works. This is why a part of all revenue goes to different non-profit organizations – fixedly and regularly. Furthermore, all design projects are realized with the greatest possible use of green technologies and environmentally friendly materials. This begins with hosting your website with green electricity and ends with the use of fair-produced, certified paper. For all of us.

Only fair is fair.

Monthly donations go to, for example, BROT FÜR DIE WELT, UNICEF, PLAN, the Wikimedia Foundation and Campact! – all non-governmental organisations whose aim is to make the world a little more equitable and humane.

Sebastian Klammer also supports echo source e.V. – a joint project for ecologically and socially sustainable change through active citizens’ participation, and The Guardian, one of the few completely independent newspapers in the world.

Pretty green!

Sebastian Klammer takes great care in the environmentally friendly production and sustainable operation of all things involved in his design projects – both in print and online. For example, the entire office is run on electricity from Greenpeace Energy and hosts websites with selected, sustainably operating providers. This web site, for instance, runs on, a hoster that runs its server farm with 100% green electricity from Lichtblick.

Printing paper documents such as offers or invoices is avoided wherever possible – instead, they are sent electronically, as PDF files. Also, Sebastian advises his clients on the eco-friendly production of printed media, choosing FSC certified papers and CO2-neutral printers. And when all work is done, all devices in the office are actually switched off and do not run in standby mode.

Green Design