Apps & UI/UX Design

User Interfaces for mobile, web-based and desktop applications

The best app is only then really useful if the user understands it – right away and without any explanation. Just intuitive. With decades of experience and in-depth insight into the development of web-based applications and mobile apps, Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design creates easy-to-use, aesthetic user interfaces that pose fun rather than raise questions.

More than just pretty sparkle.

Apps that do what they are supposed to do are good. But apps that are fun while doing so are way better. With a sophisticated design and a customer-oriented user experience (UX) concept, you not only ensure that users understand your application, but also that they accept and readily use it. For almost two decades, Sebastian Klammer has been developing graphic user interfaces and user interfaces for desktop-based applications, mobile apps and web-based applications – customized to the clients’ corporate design.

Making complex things simple.

A well thought-out, user-friendly design is especially important when it comes to making complex content or functional connections clearly comprehensible. This will help your users to quickly achieve their desired results and avoids frustration or mishandling. Individual interaction concepts, beautiful user interfaces, a reduction of secondary controls and a focus on the essential help you achieve just that.

Show your values.

A high-quality, aesthetically appealing user interface is not only a good thing for your users. It’s also a good thing for you and your business. It helps you strengthen the position and client perception of your company. With a high quality user interface for your applications you carry your business values outwards. After all, the design of your applications is an important part of your corporate identity and therefore makes a decisive difference in how your customers and your competitors see you.

Services in detail

  • Conception and design of graphical user interfaces
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Focus user and usability tests
  • Pixel-perfect realization
  • In Photoshop, Sketch or Affinity Designer

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