Content Creation

Strong texts for a strong message.

To communicate your offers and visions to your customers and partners, your message has to be strong, easily comprehensible and conclusive. To reach your target group you have to speak their language. At a time when more and more businesses compete for the attention of potential customers, this is no easy task – Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design helps you achieve it.

Make your message understood.

Sebastian Klammer offers both the revision of existing text content as well as the formulation and structuring of raw texts and text fragments. The focus is on a clear content design and structure, as well a strong orientation on your target group. As a result, you get text content that’s easy to understand, easy to remember, expressive and formally correct.

Proofing and text optimization

In addition to the elaboration of new text content, Sebastian Klammer also offers the editing of existing material. In doing so, your messages are analysed on several levels, checked for linguistic and stylistic correctness, and optimized to help you achieve your communication goals.


Sebastian Klammer can provide you with all the services listed for both German and English texts. Together with translation partners, texts can also be transferred from any language into any other.

Content-related services

  • Copywriting, proofing and optimization of text content
  • Communcation concepts for new text content or your business communication
  • Target-oriented communication of your offerings and messages