Webdesign & SEO

Search Engine Optimization for your web site

The web is a unique phenomenon. While it hasn’t even been in existence 20 years ago, it now accommodates more than 3 billion users. The number of web sites around the world are estimated at around 1 billion – some 17 million of which are in Germany. One of them is yours. So if you want your web site to be found among a large number of competitors, your site must meet a number of criteria – from its technical implementation to the content it holds. Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design helps you analyse your website and make it fit for Google and Bing.

SEO explained

SEO – important or not?

Whether or not the search engine optimization of your web site is important for you or your business largely depends on your business model – where and how your company earns money. If, for instance, you have a bakery or a small local shop that mainly relies on walk-in customers, then you’re most likely to use your web site primarily as an information medium or to retain customers you already have. Pretty much the same can be said if you’re running a large football club. In that case, potential members are very unlikely to just google “football club” and then join one of the first three results. Interested users will rather look up your club directly – and find it that way. In cases like these, search engine optimization plays rather a subordinate role.

Your situation is very different if you generate most of your revenue through your web site directly; if you have to rely on as many new and recurring visitors as possible. In that case, search engine optimization is crucial for your web site – and your business. And even though it is a rather costly effort, it will make a noticeable difference for the success of your company.

On-Site and Off-Site

When we speak of SEO, of Search Engine Optimization, we differentiate between two different methodologies. One is so-called On-Site Optimization, and it includes everything that can be done on your web site directly. The other method is Off-Site Optimization, and it involves all the things that you cannot influence through your own web site. Backlinks – links pointing to your web site from another web site – are one example for this. Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design offers the On-Site optimization of web sites. This includes the technical structure and coding of your web site, the application of the most up-to-date web technologies as well as the optimization of text content and other content you might have on your web site (such as images). Usually, on-site optimization delivery very good positions in major search engines, already. Whenever that is not the case – i.e. if you have a very strong competition – the support of off-site SEO experts can be summoned.

Current Web Technologies

All web sites designed and programmed by Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design Berlin are technically aligned for good search engine rankings. This is achieved by strictly using the most current web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Waiving pre-made themes or frameworks, minimizing images and scripts, and an extremely slim source code guarantee quick loading times and good search engine rankings. Responsive web design and (depending on your hoster) SSL encryption of your web site communication are other important aspects for leading search engines such as Google or Bing.

Content is King

All major search engines put enormous importance on high quality, relevant and easy to understand web site content. That’s why content creation will be a central issue of our initial consultation, answering questions like by whom and how content (i.e. texts and images) will be provided and in what way they shall be optimized for best possible performance. Of course, already existing web site content can be optimized for better search engine ranking, as well.