Web Design with WordPress

Professional and cost-effective: ideal for small businesses and start-ups

WordPress is a flexible and scalable content management system, which is especially useful if you want to maintain the content of your website yourself – without being particularly keen on technology. WordPress is incredibly easy to use and can be fully adapted to your business requirements. Through custom-designed themes, you get all the features you need – without the clutter you don’t.

From small and cozy to high and mighty

The CMS that grows with you.

As a content management system, WordPress is your ideal entry into the virtual world. The ease of initial setup and the simple WordPress architecture make it possible to create impressive, individual websites that can be realized on a comparatively low budget. This makes WordPress the perfect choice for start-ups, for individual companies or for smaller and medium-sized businesses. Another advantage of WordPress lies in its modular structure – it gives you the option to start small and expand your website as and when required (and financially feasible). In this way, your website grows with your company without your having to choose another CMS later.

Flexible and scalable.

Your WordPress-based website can be expanded with countless features and tools: booking systems, calendars, galleries, shops, user-specific content, blogs and many other components can be integrated into your website with little effort – plugins created by the WordPress community ensure that costs are not sprawling.

Fully customizable.

Both the frontend of your website (ie what your users see) and the backend (ie what you see when editing your website) can be adapted to your needs and wishes. This means that while WordPress is at its core a standard solution no WordPress site is the same as the other. There are no limits to your ideas and your goals.

WordPress Services

  • WordPress installation and setup
  • Development of custom WordPress themes
  • WordPress Backend customizations
  • Development and customization of WordPress plugins
  • Service, maintenance and updates

Website examples made with WordPress …