Web Design

Design and development of innovative web sites, blogs and micro sites

Sebastian Klammer Graphic Design specializes in the design and programming of high-quality websites and on-line solutions that have three things in common: their uniqueness, their intuitive usability and their consistent focus on your business goals.

Intuitive and barrier-free.

Each individual website is planned and worked out in close collaboration with the client. This means that what you get is exactly what you wanted – and also that it will be easily understood and accepted by your target group. Important topics such as accessibility and hassle-free navigation are of course taken into account. That way, every visitor to your web site quickly finds exactly the information they need.

Future-proof and search engine friendly.

All websites made here are built using the most current web standards and are browser-independent, future-proof, easily accessible and search engine friendly. Also, they are made to your specifications, containing all the features you want: content management systems (CMS), online shops, booking systems or themed micro-sites, single or multi-language.

Websites that fit. Like a well-made suit.

Since here you won’t get a website off the shelf, but an individually tailored solution, your website is sure that stand out clearly from your competition. No unnecessary gimmicks and no error-prone toys you don’t need. All projects are strictly aligned with the client’s existing corporate design. And if you do not have one, you can get it on request. The result is a complete, consistent business outfit like made from a single cast. Many successful projects prove the success of this philosophy.

Webdesign Services

  • Planning, design and programming of web sites, blogs, intranet and micro sites
  • Content management solutions such as WordPress, Typo3, Drupal or Contao
  • Development of e-commerce sites and shops
  • Integration of booking, ordering and payment systems
  • Alignment of new and existing web sites with your existing corporate design
  • Design or adaptation of your web-related corporate design guidelines
  • Service, maintenance and updates for your web site

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Web Design & Themes

Pre-made themes are just great!

Pre-made WordPress themes that you can buy for very little money are a great choice to start your own website if you do not have a big budget at first and do not want to make any major adjustments to the delivered web design. However, finished website themes come with a number of drawbacks if you want specific solutions tailored to your company or your product.

… and then again, they aren’t.

Pre-made WordPress themes provide you with a variety of options, but you usually only need a few. The rest of them are ballast, which must be loaded every time someone visits your website. This not only degrades loading times and thus the ranking of your website, but also complicates your work when creating and maintaining content. Customizations of pre-made WordPress themes that go beyond the offered options are often extremely complex and time-consuming – and thus quickly revive the original cost advantages.

When Custom Webdesign pays off

In contrast to ready-made website themes, a custom web design is – as the name implies – custom tailored to your specific ideas and requirements, right from the start. It offers you all the features and possibilities you need for your website – with a lean, SEO-optimized code that provides fast loading times and offers you high flexibility and scalability.

Websites developed specifically for your company are strictly aligned with your corporate design. This applies to the fonts, colors and image areas, as well as all other design requirements. Only that way, a custom tailored web site is your perfect representation in the digital world and seamlessly integrated with all your business communication.

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